Garden decking for Manchester residents

freeestimates-r.pngTimber decks have a lovely natural look and feel and are a great place to entertain your guests in the summer time. We're landscape gardeners who can help to design gorgeous garden decking for your garden. And we can install the timber decks for you at low cost so there's no need to worry about money.

We can install timber decks in a range of different woods and colours to suit your taste and the style of your garden. We are also able to treat the wood to make it weather resistant and can stain it to make it more durable.

Quality garden decking and wood structures for Manchester

In additional to timber decks, we can also help to install:

  • Gazebos
  • Wooden planters and borders
  • Wooden archways
  • Trellises for plants to climb
  • Wood surrounds

So if you need timber decks or other wood structures, call us today on 0161 433 8304 to get started on designing the garden of your dreams.

We also offer other gardening services too such as driveways, paving, fencing and much more. So give us a call if you'd like a free estimate or consultation on these services. Feel free to look around our site to find out more about what we can do.